One stop clinics are modern concept in Gynaecology. We all want to get answers to our medical issues as soon as possible. This helps you to deal with the condition sooner, so that you are back to your routine sooner. This also helps medically as early diagnosis improves outcome. Mr Vathanan understands your time is precious and aims to complete all investigations at the same visit, whenever possible, thus avoiding you having to make another visit for investigations. With this in mind Mr Vathanan has developed one stop clinics for early pregnancy, gynaecology and well women check up. He consults patients, carries out clinical examinations, performs ultrasound scan and any other investigations at the same setting, providing a one stop appointment(depending on symptoms and need).

Mr Vathanan is an early pregnancy specialist. He is the lead Consultant for early pregnancy services at his hospital. He runs a dedicated early pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage clinic at The Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead (
Early pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your family. This time is also filled with anxiety party due to variety of symptoms in your body. Some of these symptoms are normal and part of your pregnancy while others need specialist input to ensure they are well managed. When a pregnancy is not progressing in the normal way, it is very important to diagnose this early to help you to deal with the situation early. This includes miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. You also sometimes need reassurance that the pregnancy is growing well in the normal place and need answers form the experts regarding these symptoms and any questions you may have. Women with pre-existing risk factors for pregnancy and miscarriage (recurrent miscarriage, previous ectopic pregnancy/late miscarriage, women with medical conditions, etc) need early specialist input to improve the outcome for the pregnancy.

With this in mind Mr Vathanan have set up this dedicated early pregnancy clinic to provide advanced, evidence based care to women during early pregnancy in a homely, confidential environment. This is a one stop clinic where women with early pregnancy issues are seen by him who also performs an ultrasound scan. Pregnancy hormone blood or urine tests are also performed if needed. Consultation, ultrasound scanning and blood tests are all performed at the same visit with the aim of arriving at a diagnosis in a single visit. Thereby repeat visits are minimised saving you valuable time.

His expertise includes:
  • Management of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, bleeding and or abdominal pain, vomiting in pregnancy and other early pregnancy complications
  • Investigations and management for recurrent miscarriage. He developed links with some of the modern laboratories in UK and USA. Through these, he performs most of the advanced recurrent miscarriage investigations including Uterine Natural Killer (NK Cell) biopsy testing.
  • Ultrasound scan including 3D ultrasound scan for pregnancy location, viability, dating, multiple pregnancies, excluding ectopic pregnancy, assessment for bleeding and or abdominal pain in early pregnancy
  • Reassurance ultrasound scan and management after previous miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy
  • Continuation of early pregnancy management after fertility treatment (including those performed abroad) and assessment of the pelvis for fertility treatment and reproductive surgery
  • Harmony test for fetal chromosomal abnormalities. This involves a blood test and ultrasound scan on pregnant mothers in early pregnancy to screen for certain fetal chromosomal abnormalities including Down syndrome and sex chromosome defects. This is a highly sensitive test than the nuchal translucency test. Results are available in 1 week. (Patient information on Harmony test: Harmony Patient Information Leaflet, September 20, 2015 )
Further information on this clinic:

Mr Vathanan also runs one stop clinic service for gynaecology. This includes consultation, clinical examination, ultrasound scanning and any other tests if needed. This includes cervical smear, endometrial biopsy, removal of cervical polyps, pelvic infection screening, etc. This approach helps in early diagnosis and management of your condition. Even though it is a one stop service, some of the investigation results may take few days arrive from the laboratory. In that case, you may need a second appointment once results are available to finalise management.

One stop clinic takes more time than traditional consultation clinics. You will also need ultrasound scan. Therefore, if you prefer one stop clinic service, please inform us in advance when you book, so that you will be given a longer appointment slot. It is also important to inform your insurance company, if you are insured and get authorisation for ultrasound scan, so that it can be done at the same time.

This is also a one stop service where ladies are seen for consultation along with any further screening or investigations. Well women check up and screening covers a range of women’s health conditions. If you have concerns about your health issues or feel you are at high risk for any conditions based on your family or personal history, well women check up is ideal for you. You may even prefer to have a general check up to ensure all is well or to diagnose anything before you develop symptoms.

Well women check up include the following,

1. Consultation and pelvic examination which includes speculum examination of neck of the womb
2. Cervical smear test if you are due for one
3. Checking your BMI, blood pressure
4. Pelvic ultrasound scanning
5. Review these investigations and expert advice of any further testing or management
6. Complete health report with all investigation results to you and a copy to your GP (we recommend a copy to your GP but decision is yours)

Following are some of the examples of well Women screening,

1. General well women check up:

Includes consultation, pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasound scan, blood pressure/ BMI check, cervical smear (if due, as extra) andany other tests if needed (as extra)

2. General fertility check up:

Includes consultation, pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasound scan including android follicle count, blood pressure/ BMI check, Hormone blood test, AMH blood test, cervical smear (if due, as extra), and any other tests if needed (as extra)

3. Ovarian cancer screening:

Includes consultation, pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasound scan, blood pressure/ BMI check, CA125 blood test, cervical smear (if due, as extra) and any other tests if needed (as extra)

4. Sexual health screening:

Includes consultation, pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasound scan, blood pressure/ BMI check, pelvic infection screening test, cervical smear (if due, as extra)and any other tests if needed (extra)

5. Contraception advice:

Includes consultation, pelvic examination (only if needed), blood pressure/ BMI check,cervical smear (if due, as extra) and any other tests if needed

6. Menopause and Hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

Includes consultation, pelvic examination (only if needed), blood pressure/ BMI check, cervical smear (if due, as extra), Hormone blood tests (if needed as extra) and any other tests if needed

We have special package price for different check ups. Please contact my secretary or Bridge clinic for further information on pricing and for booking. Please note that you need to pay extra for any investigations that we recommend as these are payable to the laboratory.