I see patients for private consultations at the following hospitals,

1.The Bridge Clinic,
Oldfield Lodge, 156 Bridge Road, Maidenhead, SL6 8DG
Web: www.bridge-clinic.com
Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings
Appointments for urgent ultrasound scan and consultations can be arranged

2.The Spire Thames Valley Hospital,
Wexham, SL3 6NH
Thursday mornings

3.The Princess Margaret Hospital,
Osbourne Road, Windsor, SL4 3SJ
Web: www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/pmh
Friday evenings

4.Parkside Private Suite,
Wexham Park Hospital, Wexham, SL2 4HL
Monday evenings and Thursday mornings

I also run a dedicated early pregnancy / recurrent miscarriage clinic for couples at the Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead in a homely and confidential environment. This is a one stop clinic where I consult, perform ultrasound scan and do other investigations (if needed) at the same visit to arrive at a diagnosis on the same day. For more information, please check on my clinic web page: http://www.bridge-clinic.com/early-pregnancy-clinic or call bridge clinic on 01628 760911.

Please call my secretary, Jo on 01628 760060 or call the hospitals directly. You can also email vatsecretary@gmail.com or click the appointment link on the home page. Please see contact section for more details.

For private health insured patients:

My fees are based on your insurance provider standard fee schedule. Therefore, your insurance provider will pay all my fees and you do not pay anything, except if there is an excess (if any) in your policy which is payable by you.
For self-funding patients:

  • Initial Consultation: £165.00
  • Follow up Consultation: £100.00

Specific investigations (if you need any) such as ultrasound scan, smears, biopsies, blood tests and swabs are charged in addition to the above fees by the respective hospitals. This is charged by the hospitals and slightly differs from hospital to hospital. If you are insured, it is advisable to confirm authorisation from your insurers before taking any tests as it depends on your policy terms. You will be advised about all the charges involved before you make any decisions about consultations or procedures.
We have special price for early pregnancy consultation and ultrasound scan,Prices

*We have a special package available for those who need multiple ultrasound scans before and after fertility treatment/follow up of early pregnancy. Please contact us for the price.
Please call us and one of our friendly nurses will be happy to discuss and advise you regarding the type of ultrasound you need based on your history and requirements.
For further information, please visit our early pregnancy clinic web page: http://www.bridge-clinic.com/early-pregnancy-clinic/


Dating scan alone (Tummy scan)

This is a transabdominal scan (tummy scan) for confirming the pregnancy, dating the pregnancy and viability. This is usually performed after 10 weeks.

Early pregnancy scan/Viability scan/Early dating scan alone (Internal scan)

This is an internal scan (transvaginal) to check the site of pregnancy, rule out ectopic pregnancy, confirm the gestational age and check your ovaries and pelvis for any other pathology.

Initial (1st) consultation with the consultant and ultrasound scanning**

You will have initial consultation with the consultant, ultrasound scanning by the consultant and a consultation to discuss the scan findings and to advise you accordingly.

Follow up consultation with ultrasound scan**

This is for those who already had a consultation and ultrasound scan with the consultant and need a follow up scan and consultation.

Initial consultation with the consultant only (1st consultation)**

If you do not require any ultrasound scans but need only consultation with the consultant.

Follow up consultation with the consultant**

This is for repeat consultation without any ultrasound scanning.

Harmony blood test with ultrasound scan and counselling

This includes ultrasound scan of fetus followed by counselling by the consultant regarding the test and the blood test. You also will have a telephone consultation with the consultant to discuss the results.


This price list is only for early pregnancy patients. For Gynaecology / Fertility Ultrasound scan charges please contact Bridge Clinic or secretary for up to date information

Private health insurance-

We will invoice your insurance company directly for payments. You may have to pay any excess depending on your policy terms and conditions. We will invoice you directly for any shortfall (excess) from your insurance policy. All invoices should be settled within 28 days.

Self-funding –

We will invoice you and collect the payment after the consultation. You can pay by credit or debit card. If you wish you can also pay by bank transfer or by cheque. All invoices should be settled within 28 days.

It depends on your policy terms and conditions. Please read your policy or contact your insurance provider for confirmation.

Yes I am recognised by all major health insurance providers.

Please read your insurance policy to confirm you are covered for the consultation and any procedures. You should call your insurance provider to confirm this with an authorisation number. Please contact my secretary on 01628 760060 for any advice and assistance. As most Gynaecology patients need a pelvic ultrasound scan, it is advisable to confirm with your insurer whether pelvic ultrasound scan is also covered by your policy. Most of the insurers authorise US scan with the initial consultation.

I am very flexible and most of my patients will be seen within few days. Sometimes I may be able to see you on the same or the following day depending on my availability. Please contact my secretary or hospital receptions for availability
It is recommended to involve your GP and get a referral before consultation. This helps me to identify your previous medical history and treatments received. However this is your choice and I am happy to see you without your GP referral. If you have private health insurance, it is important to check your insurance policy regarding private consultations as many policies require a GP referral for authorisation of payment.

I will go through your concerns and previous medical history. Examination may involve an internal examination depending on your complain. A female nursing staff will be present and help me during examination. After the examination, I may advise you for further investigations. You may be offered an ultrasound scan at the same visit depending on your complain and examination findings.

Please bring your GP referral letter if you have one. Please also bring any medical records and correspondence letters with medical professionals and details of any medications you are currently taking. If you have private health insurance, please bring your membership and authorisation numbers.

Yes, you are welcome to bring anyone with you.

I perform surgeries at the following hospitals,
1. The Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor, SL4 3SJ
2. The Spire Thames Valley Hospital, Wexham, SL3 6NH
3. The Wexham Park Hospital, Wexham, SL2 4SL

It depends on the type of surgery and your availability including recovery time. I perform most of the surgeries within few weeks of confirmation.
Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist (RCOG) has produced a number of patient information leaflets on Gynaecology and pregnancy conditions. These are free to download. Please follow the link below for information leaflets from RCOG,